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Metak S&B 38 SPECIAL 158 GRS FMJ

Metak , Municija


Bullet weight (g/grs) 10.24/158
bullet type full coat
Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot
manufacturer number V311412
Pack size (pieces) 50
Airspeed V0 (m/s) 271.0
Bullet energy E0 (joules) 376.0
Bullet energy E0 (joules) 376.0
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The match bullet developed by S&B is ideal for target shooting, punches circular holes in the target and the tombac jacket avoids barrel lead. The cartridge is manufactured with high-quality components on the most modern machines. Reliable precision, no mushrooming and low barrel smearing. Bullet diameter: .38 / 9 mm

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Metak , Municija
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Reference: Metak , Municija

Brand: Sellier & Bellot

Metak S&B 45 COLT / 230 GRS JHP

DATA SHEET Bullet weight (g/grs) 14.9/230 bullet type Jacketed Hollow Point Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot manufacturer number V311772 Pack size (pieces) 50 Airspeed V0 (m/s) 253.0 Bullet energy E0 (joules) 477.0 Bullet energy E0 (joules) 477.0

Price KM2.30

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